Clients Testimonials

After evaluating different software packages it becomes clear to me why " Crystal data software services is so superior. The smooth integration between modules, ease of use, audit control and personalized service made us feel like a special client
Crystaldata Software Services has helped to make our everyday procedures much easier.The System Tally Data Connector ( TDC) provide all year data to Tally,its very helpful to our business
Sandeep Chagule
I wanted to thank you once again for the additional modifications you have made to your software package. These changes arose from inquiries during our training sessions to date, based on the way we function internally
Pradeep Ahuja
Director Prosound Product
I also wanted to thank your great software support staff. They are always knowledgeable and patient and respond rapidly to our questions. I cannot thank them enough for "holding our hands," through this transitional period
Navin Chand
Director Kabdwalbook international
I would like to take this time to express our gratitude. Over the years you have continued to work with us and have always given us the opportunity to upgrade the way we do our business with new ideas and solutions that have come on the market
Reshma Khanlokar
Genral Manager Audio Plus
Crystaldata Software Services has helped to make our everyday procedures much easier. The System Tally Data Connector ( TDC) provided by them make Auto P.O. and keeps us informed about the inventory level at our Distributor levels. There is just so much to say about the efficiency of the software that words do not give it justice. One must see it in action to really appreciate the great things it can do.
Vikas Katare
Head IT(Application Software) JAQUAR
After much searching and endless demonstrations, we found Tally Data Connector package that truly served our Dealers needs. Not only did have the software that helped put us ahead of our competition, we gained superior support, service and training.
Gimmy Kallidukkil
Head IT Oprations Honda Cars Ltd.
The most important impact of Crystal data software services to our business is that almost the entire aspect of our business activities, besides the creative aspect; recording, post-production (editing), sales, marketing and accounting tools, communications, internet sales, etc., are largely technology based and dependent on proven software to function
Smita Patikh
Doing business with your company has been a true pleasure for us. We have been impressed with the quick response and professional approach your company has offered us. crystaldata software services was able to quickly identify our company's needs and swiftly solve our problems. We are extremely satisfied with our software purchase and we can count on you for keeping our business running smoothly with all the up to minute changes that we so often request. crystal data software services. service and commitment to excellence and professionalism has been a leading factor in our success. Keep up the good work.
Vikas Malhotra
Head IT Operation, Gurgaon Plant Delhi Hero Moto Corp.
Just a note to express my appreciation for the outstanding service that we receive from crystal data software services (I) Pvt. Ltd . As you know, we have had our software for about few years now, and we still receive the same dedicated service that we received from day one. Few companies today offer this ongoing commitment to our customer satisfaction
Rajesh Panchal
Head IT Operations -Pidilite